Friday, 02 November 2012 15:29

Slithering Now Playing

As reported previously by Portuguese Extreme Metallers MALEVOLENCE, SLITHERING the brand new video from the band is now playing.



SLITHERING, written by guitarist/vocalist Carlos Cariano is taken from the bands upcoming third album ANTITHETICAL, which will be released in 2013.

The audio (visual) episode now in exhibition was directed by David Barros of 4THERECORDS.


GREECE and BRAZIL Medias were primarily interested in contributing for the previously reported alliance. Though GREECE only confirmed participation on the event today. MALEVOLENCE welcomes aboard their GREEK FANS and informs as well that that BRAZIL will soon launch the rotation of the video.


In order to watch every single PREMIERE click on the media name presented above.

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Thursday, 01 November 2012 01:19

Slithering Video Premiere

SLITHERING, the brand new video from Portuguese Extreme Progressive Metallers MALEVOLENCE will premiere exclusively via METAL UNDERGROUND in USA, PUREGRAINAUDIO in CANADA and ARTE SONORA in PORTUGAL. It was directed by David Barros of 4THERECORDSSLITHERING, written by guitarist/vocalist Carlos Cariano, is taken from the bands upcoming third album ANTITHETICAL, which will be released in 2013.


Carlos commented about the new video: SLITHERING was the first single extracted from our impending new album. DECIBEL MAGAZINE kindly assisted us to make the PREMIERE of the audio episode some weeks ago, helping us in the process to show the song writing diversity on ANTITHETICAL. Now we are moving forward and presenting the visual production of our first (ever) music video interrelated with the same song. To achieve that we worked with 4THERECORDS, a young company producing mainly short films and commercials. SLITHERING is their boldest achievement to date and we are truly pleased with the visual quality of our first cooperation with this entity.  The support of 4THERECORDS was central and decisive to attain the professional final results.


Considering the alliance held for this PREMIERE, Carlos added: Subsequent to the PREMIERE of SLITHERING we received rave reviews far and wide. The interest upon ANTITHETICAL grows on a daily basis rate. Sharing our video through such professional media, in 3 different Countries at the same time means quite something!


All the media involved in this alliance have been faithfully serving up mainstream and underground to their ever growing global fan base.


On November 2 youll get to decide whether or not we all succeeded. 

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 00:00

Fusing extreme metal forces with Dirk Verbeuren

Whilst in advance stage of pre-production for their third album, MALEVOLENCE have revealed that DIRK VERBEUREN is the enduring drummer working with the band. The collaboration started back in May 2011, and Dirk is writing material for the album along with Carlos Cariano (vocals, guitars).


Dirk possesses a vast experience performing and recording and even if most of the songs were previously composed when Dirk joined the team, he easily caught up the tempo and delivered the goods with total dedication adding a new dimension to all the material. 


Being one of the most versatile drummers around these days, MALEVOLENCE wanted to bring the outstanding character of Dirk's drumming patterns unto the new material continuously searching for unrelenting ferocity and controlled groove in pure pandemonium style.


Dirk is the official SOILWORK drummer and worked recently on the latest works for such established acts as THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, WARREL DANE and is recording for the forthcoming JEFF LOOMIS solo album.


In Dirk's own words:


Im very excited to join the MALEVOLENCE squad for their third album. The new material sounds promisingly raw and pure, so Im impatient to add some crushing drums to the mix. With the mighty V. Santura behind the knobs, Im confident the result will kill!

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