Carlos Cariano


Birth date: 1975
Birthplace: Germany
Height: 1.82 mts
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: None
Status: In a relation
Siblings: One sister
First band: Malevolence
Projects: Angel
5 Bands: Metallica


Morbid Angel
5 Albums:

Strapping Young Lad . City 

  Celtic Frost . Monotheist

Sepultura . Beneath The Remains
Death . Symbolic

Pestilence . Consvming Impvlse
Movies: The Godfather Trilogy 

Sin City
The Shawshank Redemption
Mystic River
Kill Bill
Pulp Fiction
Food: Chocolate 

Cod Fish
Blood Red Meat
Mexican Food
Books: The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
  The Misfortune Of Virtue (Sade)

The Future And Its Enemies (Daniel Innerarity)
The Global Crisis (Daniel Altman)

Life Moment: Become a Father
Holiday: All
Malevolence Song(s): Hard Question
Hobbies: Relaxing
  Collecting Music
Clich: When I Read: This is our best album ever!
Thought: The Greatest Obstacle in the Progression

of Mankind is its Lack of Imagination
Life Lesson: Perseverance
Moto: Live Everyday as if it were your last
  given that time is too vital to be wasted

Weapons: My voice . ESP EX Custom Model (Japan)
Picks: I-II-III Herdim
Strings: Dean Markley DT 13-56 Blue Steel
Tuner: Boss TU-8 Automatic
Cables: ZZYZX Snap Jack Magnum Series
Stand: Ultimate GS-100 Genesis
Amps: Marshall 9200 Dual Monobloc
Cabinets: Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960
Rack Equipment: Rocktron Voodu Valve (Tube Series)
Hard Case: Bespeco (Elephant Series)
Microphone: Throat
Sponsors: None