Fred Noel


Birth date: 1976
Birthplace: France
Height: 1.71 mts
Eyes: Dusk brown
Hair: Brown
Status: In a Relation
Siblings: Two Brothers
First band: Malevolence 
1 Band: Malevolence 
2 Albums:

Malevolence . Martyrialized

  Malevolence . Antithetical 
Movies: The Ring Trilogy 
Food: Steak with French Fries

Cod Fish with Chickpeas
Books: None
Life Moment: Birth of my Son
Holiday: All 
Malevolence Song(s): Hard Question 
Hobbies: Playing Guitar 
  Playing with my Son 
Weapons: Gibson Custom
Picks: Jazz III
Strings: Dean Markley DT 10-46
Cables: Monster Cables 
Stand: Ultimate GS-100 Genesis 
Amps: Marshall 9200 Dual Monobloc 
Cabinets: Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960 
Rack Equipment: Line 6 Live X3 Live

Boss GX 700 
Sponsors: None