Pleasure Of Molestation - 1994

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Individual lyrics for the down below presented songs are not available on this particular release.


no forgiveness

pleasure of molestation

dominion of hate

ashes of disgrace

sentimental oblivion

ceremonial gallery


PLEASURE OF MOLESTATION was the introductory demo recording of MALEVOLENCE to the world and the product demonstration was recorded on the 16th and 17th October 1994.

PLEASURE OF MOLESTATION was recorded by Armando Glria at the DIGO DAI STUDIO facility. The musical concept and the cover illustration was developed by Carlos Cariano. This particular demonstration was released and distributed to the public throughout the usual channels back in the day and the item promptly rendered to MALEVOLENCE the swift transaction of more than 1000 units sold worldwide. All music and lyrics by Carlos Cariano except: no forgiveness (music by Ricardo Silva).


recording line-up:


Carlos Cariano : Vocals & Guitars
Ricardo Silva : Guitars
Rui Capito : Bass
Nelson Agostinho : Drums