Celebration Of Dysfunctional Becoming - 2003

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Individual lyrics for the down below presented songs are not available on this particular release.



slithering angels

equilibrium in extremis

devoured unlimited

mechanisms of destructive behaviour


CELEBRATION OF DYSFUNCTIONAL BECOMING was recorded on the dawning of 2003.

This particular demonstration work was not actually produced but recorded directly and basically live in one full day by the longtime MALEVOLENCE friend Nuno Junqueira at his own NSTUDIO facility. The cover illustration piece depicts the amazing art by the American photographer JOHN SANTERINEROSS while the overall final design was conceived by KKSTRUCTURES. CELEBRATION OF DYSFUNCTIONAL BECOMING was recorded only for promotional reason and was by no means commercialized on the market.


Concept and lyrical content developed by Carlos Cariano. All music by Carlos Cariano.


recording line-up:


Carlos Cariano : Vocals & Guitars
Micael Carreira : Guitars
Aires Pereira : Bass
Joel Silva : Drums

Occasional keyboards by Nuno Junqueira