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the brotherhood of christ

diabolical eve [ chronicles of mother lusitania ]

hunters of the red moon

les salles obscures de rose noire XVIII

thy extremist operetta (instrumental]


a shinning onslaught of tyranny

oceans of fire


MARTYRIALIZED was recorded between the 4th and the 15th January 1999. Produced and co-produced by MALEVOLENCE. Drums and Bass recorded by Fredrik Nordstrm at FREDMAN STUDIOS. Guitars and Vocals recorded by Anders Fridn at FREDMAN STUDIOS. Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrm at FREDMAN STUDIOS between the 13th and the 15th January 1999. Mastered at THE MASTERING ROOM AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Gran Finnberg on the 16th January 1999. The opulent cover artwork and design features the virtual and insane imagery of Csar and 33B graphics developing the overall concept generated by Carlos Cariano. MARTYRIALIZED was released on the 11th of April 1999 by the independent Portuguese label MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. Concept and lyrical content developed by Carlos Cariano. Arrangements by MALEVOLENCE and overall structural composition by Carlos Cariano.


recording line-up:

Carlos Cariano : Vocals & Guitars

Frederico Saraiva : Guitars

Aires Pereira : Bass

Gustavo Costa : Drums

Paulo Pereira : Keyboards