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dominion of hate

the burning picture

under inhuman touch

enchanted mask

swallowed in black

my eyes (throne of tears]

sweet bloody vision


ceremonial gallery



DOMINIUM was recorded from the 18th August until the 10th September 1995. The album was mixed and mastered from the 18th October until the 9th November 1995. Recorded and produced by Armando Glria at DIGO DAI STUDIOS and co-produced by MALEVOLENCE. The cover central illustration piece depicts an extraordinaire artwork developed in pure copper metal by the Portuguese multifaceted human artist ABEL SALAZAR (1889-1946) and the overall art direction was conceived by MALEVOLENCE. The final design was released by TXT Graphics. DOMINIUM was released on the 17th of February 1996 by the independent Portuguese label DANGER RECORDS.

Concept and lyrical content developed by Carlos Cariano.

All music by Carlos Cariano except: desespero (music by Lus Lacerda, Rui Capito & Nelson Agostinho), my eyes (throne of tears] (music by Lus Lacerda), erotica (music by MALEVOLENCE).


recording line-up:

Carlos Cariano : Vocals & Guitars

Lus Lacerda : Guitars

Rui Capito: Bass

Nelson Agostinho: Drums


Occasional keyboards by Armando Glria